If you wanted Robert Barclay, here is a biography written in 1912; his major book of some 540 pages is shortened here to 4 pages! Audio of Henry Jason's talk on Robert Barclay is available: mp3 (100 MB).

Sheltie dog Barclay hiding in the eugenia at about 1 year old

The oldest entry is at the bottom; what follows immediately is the most recent note.

In early October at age 14 months, Barclay probably remains at 14 1/4" tall (although he might be a bit more) and has lost most of the weight he gained in Maine and now bewteen 19 pounds 15 ounces and 20 pounds 1 ounce. He still bolts to try to engage other dogs in play at obedience class even though he is excellent at home alone. Although still destructive in the back yard (hoses, plastic pots, sprinkler drip lines) and shredding toilet paper when master is not home and investigating pillows too closely inside, he has been safe enough to bring back out some oriental rugs with no untoward effects (so far). However, we discovered that, at some point, he ate supporting backing tape and cords from the rear of some of the bedroom draperies, and this month he ate up the laundry basket liner. Still, he remains at 19 pounds 14 ounces at mid-month.

From early August to mid-September, Barclay was on an island in Maine: we flew to Portland, Maine, and drove to the family place on Little Deer Isle in Penobscot Bay. He did very well both flying and on the long drive to Little Deer Isle. There he discovered an ocean, rain, streams, woods, deer, porcupine, and all manner of things. He enjoyed walking and running free on private roads, pathways, beach, and rocks; he also was able to play with master' s two brothers' dogs. On first getting to the beach, he had no idea about bodies of water and ran right into the ocean head first, soon thereafter trying to walk on seaweed floating on the water: we discovered that he can swim and figure out how to shake himself, loosening lots of undercoat of hair. He showed great promise, as he was completely not destructive in the pre-Civil War house full of old things; yet, he had to go to the woodshed when master was away, where he was very well behaved in his dog pen. As at home, he enjoyed being able to lie in the front lawn to watch the world go by, while being tethered to a stake. Unfortunately lack of a good measuring cup let master feed him just a bit too much food, and by the week before returning home, he was nearly a pound heavier than when we got there - thus smaller rations became the norm for a while. Here are some pictures of Barclay: running up through the back field - where he fell into the ocean (3rd time in the ocean) - on the front lawn amongst the hawkweed - looking up the path from the shore - getting a drink in a stream in the woods - crab sandwich supper on the beach with family - near the rocky point below half tide (they are 12 foot times).

Except for some house guests and master being at a conference the last week of the month, not much new and different was going on. Barclay often lay down in the eugenia hedge off the back patio as if to hide or lurk for unsuspecting prey.

As expected, Barclay grew no taller during June 2013. His weight varied between 19 pounds 10 ounces and 20 pounds 3 ounces but was usually just under 20 pounds. This seems to be about right for him. The expert obedience trainer, whose class we have been in since January, says he is doing well, but it is more like he is coming along, despite blowing it completely at least once in each Wednesday morning class. This must be the master's fault. He is slightly less destructive, only because his access remains restricted and more things are caged off from him. Thus all is well. Family came to visit June 1, when he had the opportunity to nip at the heels of his 'brothers' and their wives; here we all are. At just about 11 months old he weighs in at 19# 11.5 oz. and is looking pretty handsome.

In early May, Barclay's weight reduction program had him down to 20 pounds 5.5 oz. - then an ounce less a week later, on getting home, 20 pounds 3.0 ounces. He is quite rambunctious, but he and the house survived well with a dog sitter for the week master was in Honolulu, as you can see.

For the final 2 weekend in April, Barclay remained about 14.25" tall, but his weight declined a bit - as hoped - to 20 pounds 13.5 oz and then to 20# 8.5 ounces. We have been too busy to work on obedience most days, but he still is doing okay in class. Barclay gets tired out on warm days after about a mile and a half; he thoroughly enjoys meeting up with certain neighborhood dogs, and continues to bark rarely but to whimper often - this for reasons still obscure to his master. He is widely acclaimed as cute and handsome with a fine coat.

During the first half of April, Barclay was eating less food - voluntarily - so that by April 13 He was 21# 2 oz. and finally April 20 he was down to 20# 13 oz. His height is unchanged at about 14 and a quarter inches. His coat is getting fuller and darker, as you can see: 0775 and 0778. His destruction of soft-goods got too stressful for both of us, so when master is away, his pen reappears connected to his dog door and opposite side of dining room so he has that plus laundry room, his food and water, and the outback. He seems to prefer the back patio. The weather is much warmer, so he tires more quickly on walks.

In the first week of April, Barclay was 21 pounds 5.5 ounces, a couple ounces less than a week or two earlier. (Our vet, at his Lyme Disease vaccinations, suggested he was a bit too hefty, and I agreed, so he is on 5% smaller rations.) His height at the shoulders (withers) is hard to get exactly, but he seems to be between 14 1/4 and 14 1/2 inches tall. The remaining glue in his fur around his ear tips was pretty much gone by the first of April. That was also the week that we got a new side yard fence, requiring him to be inside for a day. Perhaps you can see that the process effectively widened the side yard by about 6" for him.

Over the course of March 2013, Barclay continued to gain some weight but seemed to have stopped growing taller, ending the month at about 21 pounds 9 ounces; I have been hoping for 15". Getting well into puberty, he continued to find new things to chew up - things he, and the 3 previous Shelties, had left alone. So far he has significantly damaged 3 pillows on the couch, two seat cushion ties, another seat cushion, 2 corners of a window seat cushion, 4 towels somewhat shredded, Mr. Squirrel beheaded and disarmed, 2 sheepskin rugs a bit torn, shoe laces chewed up (while shoes being worn), corner chewed off an antique quilt, a 7' curtain (caught before damage), master bed quilt cover (corner and foot) and bathroom throw rug tassels chewed off; but chairs are only barely gnawed and stain covers it up nicely. It is a good thing he is so cute and innocent looking, here on March 25 0767. Just over 8 months old (April 6), his looks still help: 0770 and 0773. Despite being destructo-dog, he has the run of major parts of the house - but not all bedrooms; however, it gets a bit more limited with each disaster.

He and master started obedience classes nearby in late January, and we practice as often as we can manage it. We were thrown in the deep end at first, trying to follow commands he had never heard of. Now he sometimes is near the top of his class, especially among the under 1 year dogs, but he would rather play, which Rosalie Alvarez forbids. (She helped train my prior two Shelties, is strict and 'old school', which I prefer.)

On Presidents' Day, Barclay was 19 pounds 13 ounces and seemed to have sprouted to just over 14". Adolescence definitely presents challenges, e.g., being away of an evening resulted in 3 pillows being chewed up. Barclay was about 20 pounds 3 ounces and maybe about 14.3" tall the weekend of February 24. His puppy toy, Mr. Squirrel, in the photo below, now has no forelimbs at all and part of its head is chewed off too. (Mr. Dinosaur from a previous dog is only the outer skin, so gentleness with dog toys is not expected.) Here is his seven month photo. At 7 months his ear tips came unglued, with no need to keep them stuck down anymore.

Life gets more complex in adolescence. Barclay was 19 pounds 3.5 ounces and about 13.5" tall the weekend of February 9. He is remembering obedience commands since the last class, which did not go so well. Sometimes he naps on his crate in the family room, from which vantage point he can keep his eye on what is going on outside. (He has not discovered the bunny which lives out there on the front lawn.) You can see his puppy toy, Mr. Squirrel, in the photo, a gift from his breeder, still more or less intact.

Barclay turned six months old on January 30, 2013, and he weighed in at 18 pounds 14 ounces and measured sligthly over 13" at the withers the following Saturday. That week his pen entirely disappeared. Here he is in the front yard: 0760 and 0761. We are doing OK in dog obedience classes: he can SIT, DOWN, and COME pretty well - at least on lead, but he does not quite understand the position yet for HEEL.

On the last weekend of January 2013, Barclay weighed in at 18 pounds 9 ounces and measured 13" at the withers: he is still growing and chewing things.

We began formal dog training (Obedience), and we have a lot of work to do. Then Barclay weighed in at 17 pounds 15.5 ounces on January 19, so he has now lost his "lunch" meals as unnecessary. This month his coat has changed character from frizzy puppy coat to smooth, sleek, dog coat. He often sits on his back porch being 'ruler of all he surveys' - watching whatever is going on with squirells, birds, or whatever. He never fails to see me as I photograph him (22Jan13 through the window): 0757 or napping in my closet (no flash): 0759.

Barclay weighed in at 17 pounds 4.5 oz on January 12, 2013, and he measured 12.5" at the shoulders, so he looks like a legal Sheltie, getting more mature all the time. On the weekend he lost one of his puppy canine teeth and the other was loose, so on Monday I pulled it out without even a flinch from Barclay - now he only has adult teeth. I glued the other ear down, probably for the last time, as he is done teething - except that his teeth still have to erupt completely and settle in. With persistent very cold weather, he has had the new experience of a frozen frosty lawn: 0755 and 0755. He is a big boy now.

On January 7, 2013, both Barclay's adult canine teeth had barely erupted just ahead of his sharp puppy canines, which were still there. (You might be amazed at how hard it is to get a picture of Barclay's teeth with him squirming - a bit uncomfortable teething of late.)

On his 5-month birthday (12/30/12), Barclay weighed in at 16 pounds 4 ounces, and he is now looking more like a red fox in the late evening. Perhaps only his canine teeth are sharp baby teeth. We now walk regulaly into town on errands to pharmacy, stock broker, bank, and post office. Barclay has been getting much more interested in the (dog) smells around the block and on our walks.

Barclay weighed in at 15 pounds 6.5 ounces December 23, 2012; he STILL has enough sharp baby teeth. I still have to watch him like a hawk when he is on either sheepskin rug: chewing. Yesterday Rex's (2 shelties back) toy Mr. dinosaur disappeared, and I could not find him (his remains) for a whole day; Barclay, it turned out, had hidden him in plain sight: he presented Mr. Dinosaur to me. After showing him how yesterday, today he went upstairs and came down all by himself!

Barclay weighed in at 14 pounds 8.5 ounces on December 15, 2012! You can see a bit more dark fur down his back: 0744, which also demonstrates that he has not eaten the narcissus. Yet. We walked all the way to DeMartini market this week.

Barclay weighed in at 13 pounds 4 ounces on December 8, 2012; he is growing longer and showing a bit more dark fur down his back. He still has lots of sharp baby teeth. He likes his naps in the sun.

Barclay turned 4 months old November 30, when he weighed in at 12 pounds 3 ounces. Yours truly wondered whether the narcissus around the big rock will survive destucto-dog to bloom - so far so good: 0737. When the rain stopped, he enjoyed a nap in the bedroom in the afternoon sun - doorstop for a pillow: 0738. Like any good 4-year old he doesn't know when to take a nap, gets hyperactive, and is jumpy and all teeth. He is discovering a choke chain and leash for short strolls nearby.

Barclay got his final puppy shots November 20 (age 16 weeks + 1 day): distemper and rabies. He weighed in at 11 pounds and can be outside in the wild world 4 days hence. He is finally beginning to lose some of his tiny sharp puppy teeth but is still biting and chewing on everything, including master.

I got Barclay's AKC registration; he is now officially "Alexa's Endeavour." He weighed in at 10 pounds 9.5 ounces on Saturday November 17. He still has a thick puppy coat. Friends over for tea took a few pictures: On the dining room floor: photo 1 and out front with me: photo 3 and photo 5.

Barclay got his first flea & tick preventive (Advantix) Monday November 12, after it finally arrived from Wisconsin. Tear Mender also stuck Barclay's ears back down. Tuesday was a busy day to rearrange and rebuild his pen, now that maybe he will go outside when he needs to "go". His pen had been in the family room: 0730 but is now in the dining room abutting the dog door: 0731 (under construction). He was hyperactive with all the activity and was taking all his toys outside. 0733. He even took a nap in the sun on the patio, but only until the sun disappeared.

Barclay weighed in at 9 pounds 10 ounces on Saturday, November 10, so he is not growing quite so fast.

Late on November 7, Barclay weighed in at 9 pounds 11.5 oz, and he went OUT the dog door when I vacuumed a rug. (He went out on his own a few times on the 8th when I left him inside and left.)

Sometimes he climbs into the pot full of dirt topped with a dish and onto the table on the patio, here in the pot (November 5): 0728; it has been hard to get him to come in the people-door from the patio, but he almost did that day: 0729.

On November 1, Barclay came in though the dog door all by himself - a surprise to me - and is getting pretty good at that. He probably hit 9 pounds on Friday, November 2 since he weighed in at 9# 1 oz. Saturday. Although I would rather he be able to go OUT the dog door, here he is coming in: 0722; 0723, & 0724 (photos span a couple of days).

Sunning himself on the deck November 2: 0721.

Barclay broke 8 pounds on Saturday, October 27.

On October 26: 0720.

On October 25: 0718.

He was nameless until my sons Joseph and Daniel with Daniel's wife Ellen came for brunch to meet the doggie and give him a name - actually a "call" name. We agreed that his name should be Barclay. (In November, when his AKC papers arrived, he got his registered name.) These photos from October 20 include a close up of Barclay and Daniel: 0715; 12.33.55 & 12.34.30 & 12.40.27 & 12.58.00. Here is a link to a movie clip Joseph took: on Facebook.

Here are two photos from October 18 when he was 6 pounds 12 ounces: 0712 and 0713.

On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, I drove out to Livermore again, and he, still nameless, came home to Los Altos with me. He seemed still quite tiny, weighing only about 6 and a half pounds, but he was more gregarious than when I first met him. In the weak light on cloudy days and with him not saying still, it was hard to get a good picture of him in his new home, but here is one on October 17: 0711.

I located a breeder through the Northern California Shetland Sheepdog Association with an attractive sounding puppy and, after phone call and e-mails, agreed to drive to Livermore to see him October 5. This was the little doggie I met October 5, 2012 at his breeder's in Livermore: but did not pick him up then: 0708 and 0710. I was still ill with shingles, and the dog was so much younger than I have ever had, that I asked to put off picking him up for 10-12 days.

Barclay: Sheltie dog born 7/30/12, here at just over 11 weeks old

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